handmade modern websites for your brand

design that looks great and keeps it simple


Modern Design

Single page designs with professional photography can be visually stunning and effective for business. We believe that less is more, meaning that simplicity will help others find what they are looking for while providing a rewarding user experience.


Hand Coded

Code made from understanding, not dragging and dropping or copy and pasting, so redundant code won't slow your site down or cause compatibility problems. Created so that the code can be easily read by others for future updates.


Works Everywhere

More people rely on mobile devices today than ever before but mobile websites don't have to be a separate project that's overly simple and ugly. We'll make sure your site not only looks great on the desktop on your favorite browser but also phones and tablets.


your brand's marketing campaign realized



Using analytical data to make the right choices can be the difference between success and failure. Targeting the right metrics and making adjustments in the proper channels will amplify your marketing campaign's reach. Analytics will also enable us to make your website perform better.


Social Media

The "Big 3" - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are essential for any brand. Flickr, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr are useful too! Connect and engage your audience with rich content and show them that you care. Respond and resolve questions and incidents before they escalate. Build relationships, network and create a sense of brand awareness.


Mailing Lists

A great way to deliver your targeted marketing campaigns to inboxes on an opt-in basis. Modern providers allow you to profile your subscribers and personally target them while providing a comfortable level of automation.



Build, monitor and protect your reputation. Claim profiles on Yelp, Foursquare and Google+ Local to provide correct information and respond to reviews. Ratings may seem rigged but it's definitely worth your time protecting your reputation on the most popular websites that are used to share customer experiences.


websites designed in-the-photo-booth

35mm film photography


available for hire, on retainer and full-time

for new projects and your existing ones



Hourly rates are $80-$50/hr and depend on the scope of the project and services requested. You can be quoted per project line item or per hour, your preference. For most projects, set flat-rate prices are available with flexible payment terms.



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